Cute CW

Learning morse code is hard; CuteCW breaks learning into phases to make training easier.

CuteCW is a graphical interface that provides Carrier Wave (CW) training with a number of different training modes and games. If you want to learn Morse Code (aka CW), this app uses modern teaching conventions to help you learn it as fast as possible.

CuteCW currently offers the following training modes:

Additionally it provides the following extras:

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Software releases are available for linux, windows, OS X and maemo. (The Qt-based Source code is also available.)

Source code is available from github


Version 2.0 Released

  1. Ported from Qt4 to Qt6
  2. Fixes audio issues on many platforms

Version 1.0 Released

1 Availability

Download from:

Announcement Mailing List:

Available for:

2 Training mode improvements

The algorithms for the recognition and speed training modes have been improved to more provide a better learning path.

3 Read-to-me mode

The read-to-me mode underwent an almost complete rewrite. This brings the following features and improvements:

4 Miscellaneous


Coming soon (in the mean time use the help menu)

Follow the training order in the left set of buttons!

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